Procedures of the NBC and HREC's

The NBC shall assess applications for collaborative projects, multi-national projects, clinical pharmaceutical research (see specific guidelines), and other planned scientific studies in the biomedical field, outside the remit of Health Research Ethics Committees (HREC's).
An complete and signed application incl. enclosures, having been considered by the Data Protection Authority, is put on the NBCs agenda as soon as possible. It is for the applicants own benefit  to put effort into careful preparation of the application and other documents.

The NBC/HREC may request complementary documentation and seek external advice as seems fit.

The procedure of the NBC/HREC is subject to the provisions of the Administrative Procedures Act. 

Decisions of HREC's may be appealed to the NBC. Decisions of the NBC may be appealed to the Minister. A judgement by the NBC under clause 2  para. 1 art. 12, i.e. "shall evaluate the research protocol of a scientific study from the perspectives of science, ethics and human rights" is not liable to review by the Minister.

NBC's/HREC's assessment is free of charge.