Do I need a Research Permit?

Scientific research into the health or disease history of participants is in general subject to approval by the NBC or a local health research eticis committee (HREC). This applies without regard to whether the information is obtained from the participants themselves (e.g. by questionnaires or interviews), from medical service providers (e.g. medical records) or from public databases (e.g. Cancer Registry).

All scientific genetic research on human subjects (using samples from biobanks as well as samples obtained particularly for the study) is subject to approval by the NBC or by a HREC. 

This applies as well to clinical research, aimed at improving treatment methods, which may constitute a risk to patients health and/or jeopardize or inconvenience their privacy. All clinical pharmaceutical studies involving human beings shall be submitted to the NBC.

All intended amendments and changes made to research protocols already  approved by the NBC are subject to further approval and must be submitted to the committee.  

Please consider the following when evaluating the need to submit an application to the NBC:

1. Does my research focus on diseases and or other health related issues?

2. Are the participants clients of a health service provider? If not, then how are you going to find them?

3. Is the research data (i.e. information, samples or test results) obtained from a public institution? What kind of data will be obtained?

4. Are the researchers themselves employees of a health service institution? Is the proposed research project an independent achievement of  the employees or is a health service institution involved?

If one or more of the above items 1-4 apply to the research project it is subject to the approval of the NBC or a HREC. If the intended research does not fall clearly under one of the criteria above and you are still in doubt if the intended research project is in fact subject to approval, please submit an inquiry to the NBC (