The objective of the Act No. 134/2000 with subsequent amendments, is to authorize the collection, keeping, handling and utilisation of human biological samples, in such a way that confidentiality is ensured, that the interests of donors of biological samples are safeguarded and that the utilisation of the biological samples serves the purposes of science and medicine, and is conducive to the public good.

The interests of science and of community shall never be given priority over the interests of the donor of a biological sample. It is prohibited to discriminate against a donor on the grounds of data derived from a biological sample her or she has donated.

Biological samples shall be securely stored and labelled. Research samples shall be kept without personal identification, and the key between samples and personal identification shall be preserved in keeping with the rules of the Data Protection Authority (DPA).

Biological samples shall be stored in such a way that they are neither lost nor damaged and not be accessible to unauthorised people.